A kaleidoscope of flavors and taste sensations burst from the pages of the latest Clayground release. Rony Oren and Tal Keren Katz have joined forces in an exciting craft–bakery alliance: Transforming well-loved Clayground characters into delicious sugar paste cake sculptures. The two gifted artists combine their talents in a series of dazzling and delicious easy-to-make cake designs.

Visitors to the London Book Fair of this month were thrilled to get their first glance at the latest Clayground creation – Birthday Cakes: The opening title from the Secrets of Sugar Paste collaboration between Rony Oren and master sugar paste sculpture and cake maker, Tal Keren Katz. Birthday Cakes created a big buzz at the show and was accompanied by excitement surrounding the fast approaching 1 million book sales mark for the globally successful Secrets of Clay series. With yet more foreign publishers keen to acquire translation rights for Secrets of Clay and Secrets of Sugar Paste titles, the Clayground family keeps expands. New members will be announced shortly.